Coloured Skies

These digital art works come out of a sense that everyone's lives had become so busy, racing between home and work, that they forget to take a break and watch the clouds. Romano's aim was to make the skies seem more interesting by playing with the colours of the light spectrum. The low resolutions and jagged polygons in the images are representational of the idea that we are moving our lives more and more into a digital space.

Abstract Characters

This is the oldest art style that Romano is known for, with characters drawn predominately from his subconscious. His influences for these works come from the Cubists, Surrealists, Street Artists as well as the art of native cultures. 

Abstract Landscapes

These painted works are very free form representations of dream like landscapes. The landscapes are stripped back to only include basic key icons such as Mountains, Lakes, Trees, Clouds, The Sun, and The Horizon. The painting techniques used are more performative in style, using dripped or thrown paint. Bright solid colours are used in backgrounds to allow the integral parts to stand out. Many of the elements are layered over each other allowing a very textual quality to come through.    

Food Colouring Series

These works developed out of a study into what makes inkblot tests work. When presented with ambiguous, meaningless images and shapes the mind will work hard to apply meaning based off of your personal experience and context. Romano was experimenting with making inkblot images at the time and only had "natural" colouring agents such as food colouring, coffee, and wine at his disposal. He continues to use food colouring due to its changing nature, once dry the food colouring will often shift or dilute when it gets wet again. Once the composition is considered done, Romano will trace around every blot using a black marker to make the ambiguous, meaningless images stand out.

Fractal Representations

In these works Romano explores representations of reality. The idea to is to create landscapes or portraits that are highly colourful and "fractured" snapshots much like you would see looking through a kaleidoscope. Each of the different segments often represent a different time frame or location within the image as a whole.